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We empower and encourage people of all ages, particularly emerging adults, to become transformational change-makers and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing place for individuals seeking solace, self-discovery, empowerment, and connection.

We empower and encourage people of all ages, particularly emerging adults, to become transformational change-makers and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

We cultivate immersive retreat experiences in natural surroundings for individuals and groups, families, and companies to gather in unity with a shared intention to raise the collective consciousness and directly combat the effects of a global mental health crisis.

Our programs offer opportunities for retreat, reflection, and restoration in body, mind, and spirit so our guests can find a sense of peace, balance, and connectedness.

Together, we strengthen the concept of community and encourage service to one another and to the world.

Every part of you is welcome here!

Our world changes for the better when people change for the better. We are cultivating human connection, a sense of belonging, and a commitment of service to the world.”

-Jenn Gulbrand

Core Values

Connection & Community

Connection and community are fundamental, as it fosters a shared journey of personal growth, healing, and empowerment, creating a supportive network where every individual is valued, understood, and inspired.

Love & Inclusion 

Soul Sanctuary welcomes all individuals, regardless of age, socio-economic or cultural background, fostering a harmonious space where everyone is embraced, valued, and empowered on their journey to personal growth and wellbeing.

Self-Discovery & Growth

Soul Sanctuary provides a serene environment that fosters self-discovery and growth, facilitating transformative experiences that empower individuals to uncover their inner strengths, cultivate mindfulness, and embark on a fulfilling journey of personal evolution.

Commitment to Service

Our unwavering commitment to service ensures we provide a nurturing space and valuable resources, empowering individuals on their journey toward holistic well-being and personal transformation while promoting a broader social impact.




As human beings, we gather, socialize, and interact because we are designed for human connection and connectedness, but what does it mean to have a truly authentic connection with another human being? To me, it means that we are exchanging positive energy with one another. We are building trust. We are forming a bond that makes us feel seen, heard, and understood and one that makes us feel a sense of belonging.

Henry David Thoreau said, “We are constantly being invited to be who we are.”

Yet how many of us accept the invitation to show up 100% authentically in our interactions with one another? How often do we feel safe enough to bring our whole selves to a conversation or to a relationship?

While we are multidimensional people with many layers to us, most of us tend to reveal only the top layers, the surface of who we are…the work we do, the roles we play, and maybe a bit of information about our personal lives. Why don’t we go deeper into our interactions? I believe we are held back by limiting beliefs and fear of being misunderstood and of not belonging.

In a world where people are hiding to stay “safe”, speaking our vulnerable truth is probably the most courageous thing that we can do. 

The opportunity for conscious connections can be made when we share the unfiltered essence of ourselves with others, including our true identities, not just our pain, but our thoughts, feelings, life experiences, our dreams, and our desires. 

My inspiration to get to the heart of the matter of human connection comes from deep contemplation regarding my own life and a desire to develop more conscious connections with the people in it.  I wholeheartedly believe that when we open ourselves up, show our vulnerability, and share our real stories, we begin to heal ourselves and one another.

I recently published my book, Embody Your Essence, to step out more boldly and speak on topics that are important to me. I am showing up in my wholeness to reveal my story— who I am, what I have experienced, and how those experiences have shaped my life—with the heartfelt intention of helping others on their path to growth and healing.  My second book, SheBreathes Soul Stories: From Triumph to Transformation. How 22 Women Reclaimed Their Joy is coming soon!

I believe the shift in consciousness and behaviors that will lead us to deeper, more fulfilling relationships and connectedness is for us to begin looking at our commonalities, and recognizing our shared experiences, because when we do that, we recognize that we are so much more alike than we are different.

What a difference we will make when we show up authentically with a desire to listen and learn and be fully present for one another through more conscious and connected interactions and communities.

Soul Sanctuary Board Of Directors

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What Experts Are Saying

I feel very strongly that mental health in our country has taken a turn for the worse. While everyone is being impacted, I see it even more with our emerging adults as they’re coming out of high school into college and getting into the real world.  We just don’t have the tools they need in place as a society to really function.  This Non-Profit is going to be a really big help!

- Christine Skubon
She/Her, Integrative Health Coach, and Board Secretary, Fundraising Chair

I understand the need to address mental health care in a more whole integrative way to address people’s needs more deeply. Mental health is physical, biological, and spiritual and it’s important that we really open up our minds and understand that this is what we need to be talking about. We need to look at every aspect and understand what resonates for individuals of all ages.  Every single human being needs to care for themselves, their mind, and their mental health.

- Kathy Slack
She/Her, Integrative Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse and Board Director

Our Non-Profit is going to provide people the opportunity to get exposed to a wide range of mental health resources, programs, and retreats that will open them up and be available to everyone on their mental health journey. People on all walks of life – single moms, parents, couples, emerging adults – people of all ages can learn about meditation an mindfulness and open themselves up to the possibilities of self-healing.

Joanne Queeney
She/Her, Board Vice President, Planning and Operations Chair

I have benefited so much learning about self-care, what that means, and what it looks like. I have learned about mindset and manifestation, as well as so many other tools and strategies to help overcome the overwhelm of life. There are so many people living with anxiety, depression, suicide ideation who have benefited from these practices to combat those emotions. The WeBreathe WellBeing Soul Sanctuary will help so many other people who don’t realize these resources are out there to help them.  Our mission will touch many lives positively and I am honored to be a part of it!

Jessica Lamontagne,
She/Her, Board Director, Social Media/Marketing Chair

I have learned how to meditate and how to focus on what is most important.  This organization is so powerful and will bring so much to the

Youth of today, young adults, those in mid-life, and those in retirement.  The mission of the Soul Sanctuary is all about giving people the tools in their tool belt to be successful with their own mind, their own body and in their own spirit.

Lisa Tracey
She/Her, Board Director

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