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What Experts Are Saying

I feel very strongly that mental health in our country has taken a turn for the worse. While everyone is being impacted, I see it even more with our emerging adults as they’re coming out of high school into college and getting into the real world.  We just don’t have the tools they need in place as a society to really function.  This Non-Profit is going to be a really big help!

- Christine Skubon
She/Her, Integrative Health Coach, and Board Secretary, Fundraising Chair

I understand the need to address mental health care in a more whole integrative way to address people’s needs more deeply. Mental health is physical, biological, and spiritual and it’s important that we really open up our minds and understand that this is what we need to be talking about. We need to look at every aspect and understand what resonates for individuals of all ages.  Every single human being needs to care for themselves, their mind, and their mental health.

- Kathy Slack
She/Her, Integrative Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse and Board Director

Our Non-Profit is going to provide people the opportunity to get exposed to a wide range of mental health resources, programs, and retreats that will open them up and be available to everyone on their mental health journey. People on all walks of life – single moms, parents, couples, emerging adults – people of all ages can learn about meditation an mindfulness and open themselves up to the possibilities of self-healing.

Joanne Queeney
She/Her, Board Vice President, Planning and Operations Chair

I have benefited so much learning about self-care, what that means, and what it looks like. I have learned about mindset and manifestation, as well as so many other tools and strategies to help overcome the overwhelm of life. There are so many people living with anxiety, depression, suicide ideation who have benefited from these practices to combat those emotions. The WeBreathe WellBeing Soul Sanctuary will help so many other people who don’t realize these resources are out there to help them.  Our mission will touch many lives positively and I am honored to be a part of it!

Jessica Lamontagne,
She/Her, Board Director, Social Media/Marketing Chair

I have learned how to meditate and how to focus on what is most important.  This organization is so powerful and will bring so much to the

Youth of today, young adults, those in mid-life, and those in retirement.  The mission of the Soul Sanctuary is all about giving people the tools in their tool belt to be successful with their own mind, their own body and in their own spirit.

Lisa Tracey
She/Her, Board Director